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Advanced sound insulation chassis armor(1KG)

Packing: 24 / box
Net content: 1 kg
Product introduction
This product adopts special polymer materials, for quick dry type hand spray elastomeric coating, anti-rust, sound insulation, water plugging and the brace, and other functions, is a kind of multi-purpose vehicles and home care products.
Scope of application:
Car: all kinds of automobile chassis, bumper, hood, such as car girder of anticorrosive, waterproof, prevent bump, sound insulation, etc.
Household: building waterproof plugging, water pipes and toilet water tank roof fracture repair, the room ground waterproof processing, etc.
Method of use:
Please use at room temperature. Shook the tin can, hear the noise inside the glass will shake tins at least 45 seconds later. Then will rust glue evenly spray to the chassis or it on the table, and the tin with the coated surface to keep a distance of about 30 cm, after each use, back to tin can, at least 2 seconds, press the nozzle to clean the valve, to prevent the next time when using block valves.
This product contains organic solvent, encounter sparks may be burning, please use in ventilated place, do not close to the heat source, when using flame, electrical and electronics products. Inhaled into this vent gas or swallowed contains solid may produce stimulation to the body, so the operator after contact with the product, please rinse immediately with plenty of water, please seek help from a doctor in severe cases. This product is a high voltage products, do not Pierce tanks, nor in the near the heat source, the sun or high temperature storage, should be used at 40 ℃ below, in case of explosions. Don't expose children to this product.

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