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Outside the Austrian Automotive Ltd. attaches great importance to human resource development, recruit more capable, and always adhere to the people-oriented, designed to provide a broader display space and are willing to share the fruits of the harvest and each employee for employees, because we know that the staff constantly pioneering the greatest impetus to the progress and development of enterprises, but also the basis of a sustainable business. 
We look forward talent with intelligence, passion, creativity, adding outside Austria, and we meet the opportunities and challenges together! 

1 Job Title: Regional Manager 
Job requirements: possess more than five years experience in the automotive after sales of auto parts, maintenance, quality and other market sectors, the situation is familiar with foreign markets, with the leadership and management team experience. Serious and responsible work, strong sense of team. 

2, Job Status: Reserves Sales Director 
Job Requirements: Assist Regional Sales Manager to implement the established policies and complete the sales task, motivated and hardworking. 

3 Job Title: Manager of Foreign Trade 
Requirements: There are 3 or more experience in foreign trade in the same industry, familiar with the entire trade process, eight more than in English.